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Human Health/Counselling


Cabana Talks is a product of Purple Reef Limited, a Nigerian company providing personal and business development services.

People suffer from diverse issues ranging from peer pressure, workplace stress, bullying, financial stress, marital stress, family stress, domestic violence, anxiety, relationship issues, career issues, depression, parenting, loneliness and so on.
In over 90% of the cases, people hide or try to avoid it, either for poor awareness or low access to a professional Psychologist and in other cases the fear of stigmatization. People fail to understand that distracting themselves from these problems is a temporary solution and a breeding ground for permanent problems.


We factored in Alainé concept of a simple beautiful world through fashion, and created a website that defines what Alainé stands for.

A mixture of black & white concept with beautiful well placed product filters, carousels & images showcasing all the beauty Alainé is know for in the fashion world.